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Jerry Birnbach & Associates Announces they are the First Store Planning Firm to incorporate a mobile app to provide clients real time updates on their design and construction projects.

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Now our clients will be able to review on their smart phone or iPad at any time the design drawing, schedules, budgets, planograms, correspondence, quotes, contracts, and other vital information on their store projects while on the go.

“With the ability to see the entire new store design and construction information” said Jerry Birnbach Partner, you now can will be able to receive and post updates immediately. This feature enables store owners to stay on top of their projects to what any degree of detail they require. The bottom line results to the retailer will be cost savings, time savings and an overall outstanding solution to their new stores renovation or start up projects.

Jerry Birnbach & Associates believes that a client who can capture all the facts and figures of their store project will realize the importance of daily interaction with the project criteria and dynamic factors and benefit greatly from the application.