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Judge Certifies Class Action Over J.C. Penney Phantom Discounts

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

J.C.Penney’s should become a Harvard Study on how to accellorate putting oneself out of business. It wasn’t bad enough that under the Johnson “apple” era, when JCP knew it was heading to the world of Montgomery Ward, W.T. Grants and Mervyn’s the plan backfired. “No coupons for you”!, must have skipped the focus group rounds and went right to impliment and was called “Strike One”. Back came the coupons, back came another CEO, and onward to regain customer confidence. Apparently if you cannot gain confidence with tried and proven retail strategy, pull the cotton, wool, and synthetic material over their eyes.
Well that looks like “Strike Two”. You know where I am going with this,
If they survive this allegation it appears they ran out of good ideas and might as well stand still and take “Strike Three”

Apple Stores are set to revamp their store design

Friday, June 19th, 2015

I cannot think of being so excited since the announcement of the Beatles White Album. Anyone who has followed Apples evolution has to be amazed at how spot on they have been in thinking out of the box, often with the response of “why didn’t I think of that?” As a Store Planner for many years I have learned by looking around and understanding the reason behind the idea. Apple Stores work, and now all the wanna be’s may have to dip into their pocket to keep up with progress. I thank Apple for the next chapter in innovative thinking.

Retailers Beware! Danger Lurks in your aisles

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Retailers beware! Right now, somewhere in your store lurks a hazard that will rear its ugly head and become your worst nightmare. Customer injuries are on the rise and retailers often do not spend enough time reducing these liabilities. I find as I investigate a retail injury that the accident could have been easily eliminatted by simple daily routine procedures. The pain and suffering are significant to your customer and the restitution to the shopper is often a six figure settlement. Read your OSHA, ADA and local building code regulations which clearly address your responsibility to maintain a hazard free environment.