Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, must be the perfect display

Fixtures close up blogSo I was saying based on the images in this blog of wire bins. This concept of display is perfect for the category of goods it is showing. In the case of Walmart, Target or CVS the savings to the chain can exceed $100000 a year based on just the 9 bins shown in this photo.A wise retailer once explained the basis for this claim is that the only way retailers can make money theses days is to cut overhead. Almost any product is so well shopped including imports from China that the difference of an item from chain to chain is negligible. Therefore the gross profit is the lowest it can be and the only way to make money is to handle the product more efficiently.If the bin was not used and a shelf was the alternate solution, I estimate the following savings:at $10.00/hr labor rate, and 3 minutes more to load product onto a shelf per section, times 10 reloadings of product per item over a year equals $4.80 per item. 9 Items shown in photo times 2500 stores comes to $108000 in labor saved.Design is a business decision first and an esthetic  consideration after. Look at the whole picture before landing on what you consider the best display solution.

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