First in or you won’t win

Okay, I get it. It took ten years to believe smoking is bad for your health. If only people listened when the argument first was published their longs would have had ten more years to improve themselves from the day of that notice.Attention those who believe that the social network phenomenon ¬†will be a thing of the past. Remember when there was no such thing as a bar code on product? Where you one of those who said this concept will never stick! I don’t think you were because you would be out of business and in another industry by now.I have been saying that there is a golden opportunity to create distance between you and your competition as well as spike sales and have a great PR story to rally around. Social Networks are a door to meet your customer, one on one, and hear what they have to say for free when focus groups would cost you hundreds of dollars per person.Read what was released today regarding the Twitter, google and Facebook websites

With the internet the one thing you cannot overcome is time. Ranking, placement, and exposure is dictated by who was first. It is no easy task to play catch up should your competition beat you to the punch.

Our firm has created a division, Net Prospector consisting of Internet experts who are promoting your business, creating excitement, showing retailers that their vendors are partners and participating in driving their category business. A national reunion with your customer base is only a twitter away, so let us help you make the event a profitable one.

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