Form Follows Function, so what was this metal adapter developed for?

Fixtures Close UpComment on todays Fixtures Close Up Blog:So here is my guess as to the reason behind the adapter design.Waterfall is traditionally a method to allow the item behind the forward item to be viewed partially so the customer knows there is either another design, color or size behind the front item. But in this case the color band indicates the second and third item are the same product sku, and size could not be a reason.The individual hook allow the product in back to be removed without having to remove the front item. A peghook requires the front items removed to get the back product unless a hook is provided on the package instead of a conventional punched hole.Price tag holders, a very nice feature, allow for different price points to be conveyed to the consumer. Why repeat it in this case is proof that the current item was not the original intention for the design.The length of the actual hook is not long so the intent was to hold one to a few of the same item per hook, otherwise the length would have been longer.My guess is that the item is flat, multiple sized, or same item multiple color. Product also has a price variation based on size or color or product spec.One could take the position that this is a good way to fill space, but a retailer would not agree with fudging a visual presentation for the sake of filling in void space.

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