RDD Associates providing pro bono services to retailers in need



Retailer Rescue Analysis Kit Provides Strategic Solutions

to Regain Footing in a Weak Economy

Aug 10, 2009 —  RDD Associates Inc., — a nationally recognized leader in Retail Design, Merchandising, Branding and Business plans — relaunches its Retail Rescue Analysis Kit to aid struggling New York Retailers. As sales continue to see a steady decrease, New York City’s “Main Street” retailers are acting now by bringing in RDD Associates Inc.

Retail Rescue Analysis Kit is a disaster recovery program engineered to enable the small retailer to take advantage of the same consulting services provided to big names like WalMart, Crayola and Children’s Place. It was born immediately after the tragedies of September 11, 2001 as an answer to Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Economic Development Corp and Mayor Bloomberg concept of “Adopt-a-Company.”

RDD Associates Inc. was one of the first New York City Design firms to be called into action to provide Pro Bono services to the lower Manhattan retailers that were deeply impacted by the unthinkable.  Since then, many businesses did regain their footing and are continuing to succeed despite the odds that were against them.


RDD Associates Inc.’s president, Michelle Birnbach, remembers the retailers had no where to turn when it came to evaluating the store design, merchandising strategy, determining the best store layout for, maximizing the sales per square foot. “ Most retailers learn through example, and are self taught through the school of hard knocks,” says Birnbach.  “RDD Associates Inc. took the guesswork out of design with highly sophisticated computer analysis so that the retailer could see the vision without putting a nail in the wall.


Not only was the design defined in renderings but the entire productivity of the sales, product assortment, and seasonal inventory levels were planned far in advance. Three retailers were able to reopen in record time with a better store then before and are still operating successfully today.

Birnbach stated, “RDD Associates Inc. is proud of its prior involvement to help retailers and would like to see more Top 50 industry-rated design firms assist with this call to save the New York City Main Street retailer.”


Retail Rescue Analysis Kit comprises of an ala carte menu to feed the small “Main Street New York” retailer: traffic flow, packaging, business branding, lighting, layout, displays, merchandising, inventory control, show windows, interactive in-store signage, interior design, public relations, and marketing plans to inject life back into the retailer.


“We are at a cross road where hard working, innovative retailers once found ways to stay afloat,” said Birnbach. “Current circumstances call for global tactics, resourceful solutions and a budget that many would have walked away from.  The opportunity is there for every small retailer to turn lemons into lemonade by rethinking their current store dynamics and unique qualities and our Retail Rescue Analysis Kit will be in place as long as it takes to get stability back in the retail sector.”


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