Should fixture type be the ultimate method to related to your customer?

Commenting on updating your fixtures to accommodate the Millennial population. I have always been a believer that in retail design you must ” Design with merchandise in mind.” Product dictates fixture function and a 4 way is a 4way first and then it can take on the color or finish or ornamentation. I do find the use of retailer in the article a little misleading because not every product category can be narrowed down to the millennial customer. Clothing,entertainment, or shoes are much easier due to fashion elements to narrow the assortment down to Millennial appeal. Sporting goods, Drug Store, or Mobile Device stores in order to survive need to have a much wider range of customer demographic and need to convey their brand in a more one size fits all solution. Regardless of category, it is all about the product, and then how you identify your category of product to the consumer.

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