Walmart renews Meredith Better Homes and Gardens product line

A simple statement but what goes on behind this news is a major accomplishment for the team that has put this all together. One of the most difficult tasks in retail is to have unique product, at the right price, with the best quality, and always in stock. We all know the power of Walmart to handle product from beginning to end, but in the beginning there was a design team. Obviously a team that has great design capability and understandswhat the customer wants and needs.

In todays retail environment, the point of difference has become the brand, and Better Homes and Gardens is as good a brand as there is.  The transition of  a printed media brand with great credentials to a physical product took a lot of thought and sorting out to have it succeed. I applaud this team of retailer and design team for giving America a product that will remain with us for years to come.

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