Retailers can do more for Earth Day -reject plastic

Every year for Earth Day I make a resolution to help the planet. Do you remember what life was like before we had plastic in our pockets?

Much simpler before because you had to use paper. The advantages of paper were many including if it fell on the street you were sure someone would pick it up and save the landscape. When you ran out of paper in your pocket you stopped distributing it until you had more paper. You never had a problem with being declined or transaction wouldn’t go through.


Today the plastic is a real menace.It does not shut down and you use it over and over never considering the impact on the environment or your closet.

What is the carbon footprint that plastic leaves behind? Constantly transmittingĀ  to the plastic credit company requiring lots of electrical equipment and power to process.


Our Health Plans are more costly because people feel faint when they find out how much plastic they used each month. If your card falls on the floor, it won’t be picked up because everyone knows you shut it down when it was lost. Let’s not discuss recycling the plastic every year when a new one comes. Cutting a plastic card in half is not the first step to a clean planet. Now how about the fact that the footprint which the plastic leaves is a recording of every store you visited, every vacation you ever took, every gift and telephone call you ever made. That’s a little too much information sharing especially when it starts to show up on automatic Card company Tweets. What is more disheartening is the fact that the plastic company knows more about you than you do. So this year I am all about paper and not plastic in my pocket.


Imagine the impact this would have in retail design and display when planning the checkout counters?

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