Kmart announces new brand for tweens

I hope that Kmart does not do their famous put the new brand on a rounder or faceouts , add a photo of the talent and expect it to fly out the door. As a Store Designer and intimately involved with the Isaac Mizrahi roll out in Target I know what it takes to have a brand succeed. This brand needs to appeal to a demographic who have mixed feelings about being seen in Kmart shopping for apparel. It has never been cool and if Kmart wants the girls to show up, a full blown visual merchandise and display presentation, visual impact all need to be present.I have said it before that Kmart is on its seventh life and unless they start to establish an identity and come up with fresh innovative concepts they are going to use up their remaining lives quickly. I wish them well and hope they understand what is at stake here.Jerry Birnbach F.I.S.P.RDD Associates Store Design and DisplayRetailers for a better tomorrow blogger

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